Compared to other guitarists at your school, how good are you?

I'm one of the best at mine

De Montfort Uni
Amazing. Hell, I'm great compared to a lot of people. (yes, I do have an enormous ego)

Edit: Wait, are we talking about guitar skill or grades? Either way though...
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Well, I don't really compare myself to the others because I believe that music shouldn't be a competetion, but something for everyone to enjoy. But I would say I am about average.
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Me and this other guy (some blues guy) are the best.
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I suck, probably the best in my guitar class other the the teacher assistant. I've been playing since november and I still am pretty bad
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there's about 4 decent guitarists in my year
im at the botttom
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There's only two other guitarists at my school.
One plays ZZ top constantly, and the other one just plays the jazz band stuff.

I haven't heard the other guitarist other than at jazz band, so I can't really tell.

I still think I suck at my age though.
I'm alright I guess. Haven't heard several people play so I couldn't really judge.
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there's a classical guitarist guy thats been playing pretty much his whole life and some other guy in yr 12 (im in year 11) that are better than me. so im ranked 3rd
i thought i was the best and then i saw this guy ply and it kinda made me want to give up lol

I then found out that he has roadied for a few big bands!

bastard :@
Probably the worst. There's another band at my school, they're all seniors and they've all had some form of really advanced music theory
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Well I'm the best bassist at my school
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Interesting. It turns out that there are people on the forum who play an upright bass. I'll make a note of that.

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As far as I know, I'm the best. I reckon I'm regarded as the best in the school too.

Heh. Ego trips are fun.
im pretty OK i think, must be between the 5 best surely( perhaphs im better, almost surely, but i couldnt tell )

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there are about 9 well known guitarists, one of which is absolutely horrendous, 3 are incredible.

I'm known more as a singer but they know me as a guitarist too.. but someone is also a great drummer so yeah.

out of them I probably at the 7th spot. :/
I'd like to have a guitar skills scouter like they do in DBZ for powerlevels.
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I'm the best skier though
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Compared to other guitarists at your school, how good are you?

I'm one of the best at mine

theres too many people at my college to tell...I hardly see anyone with a guitar though...
I don't quite know. My chemistry partner plays guitar, too. But I'd have to say he's a lot better than me. I know of a lot of people who play guitar at my school, but how do I compare myself to a kid who only plays acoustic and is basicly a walking chord chart? I was in a guitar club, and I did impress some people, but there were a lot better people. I'm getting up there, I guess, but I try to focus more on the music than just an awesome guitar solo.

I know for a fact that I am in the top two for trumpet players, though.
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in my grade, theres probably 14 people who "play guitar," but really only 2 others actually PLAY. so in my grade i think im the best, but theres a couple other guys in the school that are pretty good. id say im in the top 3
well i don't really know/care and i don't know many of the guitarists because my school is full of people i don't ussually associate with, but one of them has come up to me and told me i'm the best in the year level, but i don't really care.

they all play classical rock and punk kinda stuff, and i just want to go do my thing.
at my former school there was alot of people playing guitar or other instruments. some where REALLY good. like studio musician good types (it's one of the educations at that school). as a musician or guitarist I couldn't really compete with them. I guess I was at average skill.

but I do consider our band to be the best there was in my age group. we were pretty unique in our style and had some really good songs.

school was good times!
I'm the best, but not because i'm amazing or anything. Everyone else just sucks
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It's a toss up for top 3 between me and two other guys I know. But, quite a lot of people there try to play guitar, so I'm still happy that I own most of them.
I was the second best one.
But it says more bad stuff about the other ones than good stuff about me, because I'm not THAT good.

I'm not bragging, but most people would consider me the best in my grade.

There's a junior, however, who kicks the sh*t out of any senior who plays guitar (there's a lot of good ones). He's about 19274638 times better than me
I think, 2nd best of my year, 4th best of my school, mostly because others suck..

Since there is only one other guy that plays guitar... I've never heard/seen him play though so I don't know where I'd put myself. Since he's more then a retard I'd say I'm prbably better. You never know though o_O
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Well, I'm first chair in my band class...... So, I guess I'm decent. Actually, a band was formed with the "best musicians" in my school, and I was asked to join. But i don't boast about it, (or not intentionally.)
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I go to an all-girls Catholic school, and I'm in senior year, so I'm pretty much the best shredder
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The yeah above had loads of good guitarists... well, one awesome one and a couple of average ones.
But since they've gone, its me and my mate that are proberly the best. woo.
I hacve gotton so much better since last year tho.

Saying that we have a few Drave Grhol type drummer/bassist/guitarist/singing all in one bastards.
I evny them

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Theres 3 kids a year above me and there all better. But I'm better than all the kids in my grade and the year below me. But I dont really care because the guys who are better I'm really good friends with so they can teach me new stuff.