Fender Telecaster Standard, Anniversary 60th Edition (Natural Wood Colour, Just Been Professionally Set up) Inc. Hardcase (Brown Leather And Brown Tolex, Very Roomy, Locks Keys Included) I've no camera atm, but to give an idea its this one.

And in my opinion that photo doesn't do the guitar justice its amazing looking instrument. I'm just looking at offers atm, still confused in if i actually wanna sell it as its just amazing looking its hard to see it go

Bought for 560 Euro in Dublin
bump, i know ye want it.... C'mon they'res gotta be some Johnny Greenwood fans here? the cleans are perfectly formed and amazing. Killer gilmour esk overdriven blues, hot overdrives too, can be used to a clapton esk tone too, its a very versitile guitar all in all and quite a looker!
You're not supposed to bump that soon I don't think, but nice guitar. If I didn't just buy a new ESP, i would be mad you are in Ireland, cus thats one of the only Tele's I would buy!
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Very true these things are very hot, well it went to the bottom so i just bumped it sorry...
Just had it professionally set up today. so anymore offers?
Bump, Photos soon. forgot to mention slight and i mean ever so slight chip.