This might be a stupid thread but anway...
For me I would have Paul Gilberts alternate picking and sense of rhythm, Jeff Loomis's sweep picking, Michael Romeo's tapping, Joe Satriani's legato, Marty Friedmans melodic feel.
John Petrucci's alternate picking. Marty Friedmans exotic licks. Alex Lifesons open string pull off licks. Steve Vai's sweeping.
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zakk wyldes vibrato, steve vai's sweeps, joe bonamassas flexibility in music, bb kings feeling, bucketheads weirdness
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Randy Rhodes neo classical licks
John pertrucci alternate picking and his knowlage of music theory
Yngwie Malmsteen sweep picking
Alexi Lahio riff styles
Iron Maiden - dave murray and co. harmony styles and feel

and Probally robb flynn's sense of rythem

also my harmonic skills tappin harminoic, pinch harmonic et... are petty good
so ill think ill keep those ;p
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He's not a guitarist, but how about John Williams' songwriting ability?
he's over-rated. That's right I said it. Give me Baden Powell any day of the week.

Oh wait...I recall you were writing a screenplay. Did you mean John Williams the film-scorer or John Williams the classical guitarist? I was talking of the latter.

EDIT: back on subject...I've been really interested, or more appropriately more interested, in Paul Gilbert and Eric Johnson these past few weeks.
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