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1 month-11 months
12 7%
1 year-2 years
64 38%
3 years+
36 22%
whenever i feel like it
55 33%
Voters: 167.
There should be an option "whenever i need to" rather then "whenever i feel like it"

I dont own many but im guessing it'd be another 3+ years until i buy another or even have the money to buy another.
most days of the week
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When I need one for a new sound I'm hearing in my head.

Right now I'm looking for a 7string with HSH config

I need a HSS guitar too

And a 8-string

So besides that I don't need anything
Well I'm playing for 3 years and one month and I'm still with my Squier. So I picked the 3 years + one.

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Well I'm playing for 3 years and one month and I'm still with my Squier. So I picked the 3 years + one.

That should be an achievement for anyone! I would reccommend to put it in your sig, i give you respect man.
too often.
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i kinda have an irregular buying pattern... almost 2 years ago i bought my strat and about 4 months after that i bought my acoustic. and since then i havent bought a guitar. and i dont think i really need a new one, strats are so versatile.
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That should be an achievement for anyone! I would reccommend to put it in your sig, i give you respect man.

I've had my squier for 8 years... am i cool too? (Basically all the frets on the top 3 strings are pretty dead from 12th onwards )
That said i bought a jackson kvx10 in 2006. SOOOO i chose the 3+ years option.
2 1/2 years of playing and I have 3 guitars. So I guess about one every year.
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once a year maybe...only been playing about one and a half so its hard to say...just got a new once recently and got my second ever guitar about a year ago
I'm still on first after 1 1/2 years.

4th hand

I wanna new one

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replace whenever i feel like it to whenever i can afford it (never)
jackson rhoades thingy i want is over £400

i have £10 in the bank
whenever i can afford one got 4 electrics and 1 acoustic/elec. but ive been playin oh 7 years i guess
Only when I find one that I really like and then I can afford it. That works out to be every two years or so.
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When I can afford it...so about every 12-14 months maybe. Sometimes more like right now I'm buying a computer first...then Squier Jagmaster. wOOt.
I've never bought a guitar. Or amp.

Mine are all hand-me-downs, and my uncle bought me my last combo.


I wish I had bought some of it, because I've never had anything NEW.
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Whenever I need one. The guitar I've had for the last three years has been on its last legs for the last 8 months or so, so now that I have some money I'm going to buy a new one.

I also feel I need a better quality guitar now, anyway.
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I bought my Squier strat 7 months ago and I plan on buying an acoustic this summer, but after that I don't think I'll be buying anything else for a while, so I just put 1-2 years.
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I've had just my 1st bass for well over 3 years, I suppose it's kind of different with guitars, though...
I got my first classical (yeah... i know... i was tricked into buying it ok!) in 2003, then a acoustic 2006 and fender 2007, with a 12 string acoustic given to me in 2007.

so I picked 1-2 years.
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Whenever I have the money. Usually works out as once a year around my birthday, as then I have just enough after rent, bills, etc to afford it
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I've only bought one.
I wish I had the money for a new one.

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whenever i can afford one. which has been twice in 16 years. so not that often.
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Whenever I feel like it. Impulse buys ftw. If I play it and like it, I'll walk out with it.

My first guitar was a Squier Affinity Strat. 2 years later I got my Ibanez GSZ120, 3 years later I got my Martin, and then about a year later I bought an MIM Strat.

Now I want a Tele
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i picked 1-2 years, i got my first guitar, then about 2 years later i got my strat. then later that year for xmas/my birthday (they're like a week apart) i got my explorer, and my acoustic. then last spring i got my les paul. so i dunno really.
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[quote="'Tommy[fin"]']This thread is dumb.

Why would I buy a guitar on set time lapses?

and "when i feel like it" doesn't really apply, cuz i always feel like buying a new guitar. i just don't have the money....

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