Ok, I am trying to do a cover of a song, and I am recording my guitar directly on to audacity, and it says all the editing tools are disabled, and won't let me edit my recording. Has anyone else encountered this? If so how should I go aboout fixing it? Thanks.
u need to select all of the track u just recorded on, i.e Highlight it, then go to the effects, and it should work, if not, then pm me, and maybe some screeniees or whatever
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Dude, Audacity is good, but if you want a good program to mix your recordings and stuff, then Mixcraft 4 is your best move. They even have a 30-day program trial.
Reaper is a freebie. Alot of people like it. If you like it and use it, then you can make a donation to the author, or not. But its suppose to be nice. I use Tracktion 3. I cant imagine using Audacity to multitrack and mix. I do use it to convert lp's to mp3's