hey guys any tips for a budding luthier hobbyist??

how do i connect a neck to the body???

is the body in one piece?
You either bolt it on if you're going to have a bolt-on neck, or glue it on if you're going to have a set neck.
... or make a long piece with a fret board attached, which forms the neck and the middle of the body. Stick wings on for a Neck-Thru!
ok first things first, dont use numbers instead of letters, this isnt world of warcraft

Neck attachments can be made in 3 ways

bolts (which 99% of the time are actualy screws), you you drill 4 holes in the neck pockets and put a screw threw and screw it into a smaller corresponging hole in the neck.

Glue, you just glue it in to the neck pocket, ta daaa

Neck thru, you make the neck extra long and glue 'wings' (blocks of wood) on to each side which are cut to the shape of the body.

But if you even need to ask that question, Im guessing (no offence) you dont no much about guitar, not least, how to build one.

So buy this book

Make Your Own Electric Guitar by Melvyn Hiscock

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trust me mate if you dont know what those are you need to do ALOT of research, buy the book and hover around luthiers forums for about a year and you might be alright, check out the ormsby videos, you still need knowledge but they tought me things.
Thanks guys will try and implement...no patience though...ive been reading alot burt the books not available in india....im just a hobbyist so if i screw up i can always get more wood....my dad makes buildings...civil engineer