So I searched the site and could not find a review for one. Anyone had one or played one enough to give me some opinions on this guitar?

Thanks in advance!
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not in response to your question but in response to the idea of buying a dean vcoustic.

just no.
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I've never heard it but it sucks. Dean has some decent products but these gimmicks aren't them.
if your just looking to mess around its a decent guitar for the money, but dont think its gonna be a great acoustic
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That guitar sucks so bad. I can't stand it. If you don't want to waste your money look into buying something else.
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I am gonna be like everyone else and say it sucks but I will also tell you why. All the missing body and wood just kills the volume and tone and resonance.
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lol, this thread is kinda old. =X
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I own 2 Deans myself that I love.

I've played the Dean V-coustic.

The only way to play one and get anything resembling a decent sound is plugged in. racertj5's post is dead-on correct.
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My first acoustic was a dean and it was actually a really decent guitar. The guy who taught me at first was a big time Martin guy and he always got a kick out of how well my guitar sounded. But other than that they're trash haha. I've never played another Dean that sounded good.

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