hi, recently i tried to write some riffs with guitar pro. although it works pretty well it sounds pretty crappy (with or without rse). Is there a program thats like a drum software, that lets you make guitar tracks that sound cool (yeah I know, a recorder would do the deal but i don't have the money for that right now) ?
Besides, on the EZ Drummer website it says something about needing a host program... how does that work?

Thanks in advance
Are you talking about guitar or drums? (or both).

Basically, EZDrummer works inside another program, like cubase or similar. You send MIDI notes to it to trigger the sounds.

As far as simulating guitar goes, I've never seen a good realistic one. EZDrummer, however, is great quality.

Recording guitar is cheaper than you think, you can just get an adaptor and plug in to your PC, use Audacity or something too record. it'll cost about £2.
^ Recording guitar can be that cheap, and some people have ok results with it, but when I tried that years ago I found that the latency was far too great and the quality shoddy. But I suppose if it's the only option...

Quality guitar simulation is only really just coming into play. Stuff like that is mainly crap, as sam_i_am says, but the new stuff coming out, such as RealStrat, is supposed to be really good. The thing is though, purchasing something like that will cost more than recording your guitar.

The host program is a recording program, or DAW (digital audio workstation) which allows you to operate virtual instruments such as EZdrummer. A good one which you can pick up for cheap is Cockos Reaper, which is available for download. It isn't free, but it doesn't force you to pay, so it's really up to you.
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Meh, Asio4 All lags bad on both my desktop and laptop. I find better results using a USB interface (Mine is the M-Audio Fast Track Pro). Very little latency, good sound quality.
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