You wouldn't steal a policemans hat.
.Brand New.Bright Eyes.This Will Destroy You.

google pirate bay
see why piracy is bad for u asshole >(
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Cool, thanks Lagrance.

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stop making dumb threads...you just joined today
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Get a boner and slap your school doctor in the face with your penis.

It'll be funny.

Haiku by of friend of mine:
Fat guy play the bass
Get your jam on, get your jam
And peanut butter

Live Fast, Die Fun
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You couldn't easily duplicate a car.

Whenever any of my mates go to a cinema, when that ad comes on saying "You wouldn't steal a car...", one of us will shout "I WOULD IF I COULD DOWNLOAD ONE"

god dammit
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You had to put a penis option.......

The results are now nulled due to this being the pit.... The home of penis watch wearers.

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Rust in peace invented food
he sure is one legit dude
don't let it get to your head