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Im not too sure how well they hold up in drop c, but drop d and standard stays tuned for a pretty long time. its solid.
ahh that blows, so which ibanez guitars would stay in tune in drop c? (even my pile epi g-400 stays in tune in drop c)
drop a guitar with a floyd down to C when its set up for standard tuning, and your in for a surprise. Especially if you try to tune it back up.
if your guitar is set up for standard tunning then id could happen
you have to set up your guitar for diferent tunings
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Any Guitar with tremolo will stay in every tuning as long as it has been SET UP for the tuning
For it not to stay in tune there are reasons why
1. new strings, they would go out of tune for a while
2. wrong gauge strings, things strings when fretted tend to act like there bending and sound a semi tone up
3. just tuned down to it. if ur strings have been in standard for a while then u go down that far, they tend to not be in the right tension and slip out of tune but after a while just keep tweaking and they will be fine
mine stays tuned just fine in drop C. I had it tuned to drop C for over a month and it never went out of tune.
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if its someones first floating bridge type guitar and they just try tuning it as they would a fixed bridge then....HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH........good luck with that.

On the hand if you get it "setup" by someone who know what they are doing then the tuning will be rock solid for a good while.
With the right gauge strings, make sure the neck has a proper relief, dropping all the way down like that is less tension than a normal tuning setup was "expecting." Then have it intonated at that tuning. Once all that is done, then lock down the FR.

If it isn't set up properly, all you're doing when locking the FR is polishing a turd.
RG350s won't stay in tune full stop, the Edge III tremolo is so terrible.
if you want a guitar (ibanez) with a trem in that pricerange, look into the S series.
Quote by sg_player
and then it'd be fine if i tuned it back up to standard as well?

No, because then the guitar has more tension than it was set up for in the lower tuning. This is probably why you're having so many problems with the tuning, if you're swapping back and forth readily.
Quote by Martindecorum
yep i switch constanly between D, C, EB, and standard and its fine until the littler strings decide they have had enough of being treated poorly and snap lol but thats only natural

You're lucky I guess. Those Edges aren't all that great. Hope it holds up longer for you.
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k thanks but i was thinking of getting a ibanez rgr420ex instead?

I'm of the opinion that if you're gonna do that with any guitar over and over, your tuning is gonna get a bit whacky. Honestly, if I had the scratch, I'd buy two guitars and have one for the standard tuning, and one for the C. That way they are each set up for their playing tunings. But I know that's probably not economically feasible. You may have to fight an uphill battle if you switch tunings so much.
Oh, and keep a CONSANT upkeep on the thing. Even if it means learning to do it yourself. Like Punk Ninja said, that's a lot of tension changes on the neck, and the guitar as a whole (the bridge and saddles and nut feel that too), and if you don't keep a constant eye on it, it'll warp beyond repair.
man i wish people did SOME research before posting a question, what happened to the good old days where when we had a doubt we would put forth SOME effort to figuring out what to do.

i mean seriously, the title, "Yea so i hear that ibanez rg350dx's don't stay in tune in drop c?!?!", first of all does that statement make sense to you at all? why the hell would they not stay in tune in a specific tuning? Does drop C create a unseen sonic disturbance that defies everything that we come to know?

seconds of all, where did you hear this? what ultra reliable source told you this and you took it serious enough to post?

there are a couple questions that I ask myself when i see questions like this...

1) Do you know what an Ibanez RG350DX even is?
2) Do you actually play guitar?
3) Do you know what drop C is?

This question is the equivalent of someone at NASA saying "Yea so I hear that the space shuttle automatically blows up if it changes velocity".

See?? I can't even think of a example without it sounding utterly absurd and terrible.

OK read the FR setup guide on this site, and if you need more help I would recommend one of my all time best kept secrets..........

(whispers) *google*......................................(shhh.........dont tell anyone)
ok geez dude a friggen guy at a guitar shop told me that they don't stay in tune in drop c
Dude a guitar shop? Like, a salesman? Because he was probably trying to upsell you.
Jumeriah, calm down a bit, there are more unknowledgable guitarists than guitarists in the know unfortunately.

Now for constant tuning changes, you WILL need more than one guitar.
Unless of course you're planning on going from E standard to Drop D, as that's just one step down on one string, so it'd take a dodgy guitar to go out of wack from that.

Also never listen to salesmen.
I saw a salesman at my local shop sell a stagg strat copy and a marshall MG for the same price as an Epi Les Paul standard and a roland cube 30.
I was cringing!
Quote by Punk_Ninja
RG350s won't stay in tune full stop, the Edge III tremolo is so terrible.
if you want a guitar (ibanez) with a trem in that pricerange, look into the S series.

I bet you have never played this guitar a day in your life

The edge III while not the best bridge isnt terrible. I have this guitar and I can tell you that it definately stays in tune, be it in drop C or standard. I will stress the point however that you probably can get better for that price range.
wow my last post sounded alot more harsh than i meant it, what i actually meant was:

no my good sir, I would have to disagree with the cretin that relayed that information to you.
yea probly haha he said i need a baritone guitar and he shows me that gay looking mike mushook or whatever signature guitar and i'm like uhm no
Quote by sg_player
yea probly haha he said i need a baritone guitar and he shows me that gay looking mike mushook or whatever signature guitar and i'm like uhm no

Yeah, dude, you were getting sold.

But I really have to stress the two guitar thing, if it's within your budget to do so. That constant drastic shift in tuning is hell on your guitar.
Quote by sg_player
someone tell me if this is true

they don't stay in tune. period. and since you're talking about drop C; assuming you are into metal - try palm muting the riffs you play, and if you rest your hands on the bridge while doing so, you will be exploring microtonal possibilities as your trem shifts around under the weight of your palm.
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