right well, after messing with my intonation and lowering my action i've noticed that onle on the high 8 string there is buzzing at the 7th fret, every other fret is fine. At the moment the action is the lowest i can get it to without that fret being too 'buzzy'. i know i can ge the action significantly lower if i can fix this. from what i've figured, the neck isn't twisted or warped, the fret is not worn down (i checked with a straight edge against the other frets) this has happened with .9 strings, .11 and the .12 strings that are currently on it. Any ideas?

Edit: I've tried all kinds of tunings including standard, standard D and drop B, the Guitar is a jackson Js30 warrior, its got a tuno-matic bridge like a gibson but with no stoptail (string through body)
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Quote by ICEMANN999
check the relief of you neck with a feeler gauge

whats a feel gauger?

n00b sorry.
maybe the fret is just a bit bigger or something happens with the string
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