Ive been looking for a good pedal for about a month or two, and decided to get a triangle muff clone... but its $125 so im thinking of gettin a GE-7 for a bit cheaper, and getting the muff in like summer. Most of what i play is the psychedelic era stuff so what would be better for Floyd, Doors, Hendrix, Clapton, Beatles... Obviously 1 pedal cant cover all that but what would be more useful for this kind of music?
whats your amp?
if you dont hate the OD in your amp you should go with EQ pedal
but of you really want that muffy tone fo with the muff
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i personally, have had a roblem similar to this (but involving eq or compression sustainer. still have the problem). but, out of the bands uve listed, maybe eq, but rhen again, distortion is very common, but ask urself - does my amp have good distortion/eq? if its yes to either one and no to the other, go for the one u said no too. if its both yes, then dont bother, for the time being
the amp OD is ok, the eq isnt tho, I was just playin with a pc EQ and was surprised how much it can do to help tone... thanks guys
the problem is, the GE-7 isnt really all that great of an EQ. id step up to the mxr 10 band if you want an eq pedal. though if you dont want to spend that much, im sure the 6 band one would still be better than the boss. and if you are really cheap/short on money, get the dano fish and chips. still probably better than the ge-7 and costs a lot less.