I've got a MIM fender strat, and I'd like to get some new pickups for it. I need something for some heavier styles. I also don't use the middle pickup, so I just need suggestions on a neck and bridge single coil. I play alot of fall of troy, coheed and cambria, between the buried and me, but need something that i can get a very jazzy feel from also. What would be a good combination for this?
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It's been years ago, but I put a S/D Hotrail in my bridge position on an old Strat that I had, it sounded great and the body didn't have to be altered.
Check out some dimarzio stuff

They've got sound clips on their website
Check out the Tone Zone, Pro Track (this one is quite good for jazzy stuff) The Chopper, Fast Track 2 and the Air Norton.

I'd also suggest changing all three, if you only change two then you'll really only have 2 usable switch positions out of the 5.

Personally I'd put a Fast Track 2 in the Bridge a Pro Track in the Neck and something a little lighter like Fast Track 1 or Cruiser in the middle. You could pretty much cover every style with that setup.
bridge - Dimarzio Super Distortion SC
middle - Dimarzio Blue Velvet - real bluesy /jazzy
neck -Seymour Duncan Hot Rail - hard rock awesomeness.
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