a GOOD, semi-cheap (3-400$) fretless bass

brands, names or pics please?
Top 15:
Neutral Milk Hotel
Smashing Pumpkins
Elliott Smith
Devendra Banhart
Eve 6
The Clash
Imogen Heap
Ingrid Michaelson
Minus The Bear
The Replacements
Bright Eyes/Conor Oberst
Yer should set sail fer yer nearest GC and try some out.

Like each ship, each bass is different yer see. They feel different and yer need to be able to sail it in the strong head winds.

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GAS-ing for:
Boss SYB5
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Narr, the Squier's fretboard be made of plastic, just like me leg, ye be wantin a wooden one.

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Squier VM is still the best fretless for the price, plastic or not.
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