go on whatever torrent engine you use, and download zen of screaming.

she taught kid lamb if i remember rightly.
I can sound just like Randy when I scream. I keep my voice really low and I just scream. I noticed he has a slight accent of some kind, so try to imitate it. Try just a low "roar" kinda to get your vocal cords working. Also, try eating gum or drinking a warm liquid so your throat isnt dry.

EDIT: I'm pretty sure that I seen a screaming forum somwhere. Try to find it; it may help.
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check out z4twenny's profile. he has a very simple guide to screaming which i found much more helpful than Zen of Screaming.
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ok where can i dl the zen of screaming full? i wana see the interviewswith shadows fall and lamb of god
Edit your posts please. Try torrents, But i would suggest on buying the DVDs cause they are extremely helpful. Don't skip the first one, it's the basic warm up skills that will help you not kill your voice
yeh but by torrents u mean like u torrent and that stuff. and does the torrent version include the interviews and crap?


try searching for it on fenopy.com.

i'm not sure if that's very good, i can't find ones i like since torrentspy and demonoid went down.
You could try the growling thread in the metal forum, that might have some helpful stuff; it won't be the exact style of vocal you're looking for but I think the people in there are generally quite helpful; especially with regards to warm ups and stuff.
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