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Ok, what are the weirdest genres you have heard of. By that I mean the actual genre name, like Sludge Doom Metalcore or some **** like that. It can be any type of music, not just metal/rock.

And before you say anything, I did search before I made this thread
Sex metal. From what i've heard, it's an actual genre.
I can honestly say I have really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like.

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Nintendocore is made up, it was coined by HORSE as a joke. They've threatened to assault people who have asked them about it

And, folk is awesome stuff. I spent the last hour listening to Al Baker (check him on myspace, bloody awesome stuff).

Weird genres for me does have to be Sludge, but the stuff is so nice to chill out to.
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Nintendocore? Are you serious?

Yes, he's serious. It was mostly pioneered by Herman Li with his pacman and mario sounds.
Oh i remembered what the harry potter music is called they call it Wizard Rock. lol
check it on wikipedia!
oh and mathcore...
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Stupid name, but excellent music

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How do you physically download an album? Like run your computer off a dynamo on an exercise bike?
cybergrind (like Genghis Tron) terrible name but often good music, it's like metal with techno beats
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Ohh, I always struggle to define this band, but these are bloody weird. Awesome stuff mind;

They sound like a mix of Progmetal, Samba, Jazz, Math metal. They sound awesome, thanks! A new band to add to my collection!

Edit, Oh and a bit of Noise Metal
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Black metal.

I never understood why they dressed up like evil wizards and knights.
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Ohh, I always struggle to define this band, but these are bloody weird. Awesome stuff mind;

HOLY **** DUDE. Lye By Mistake?!?!?!? I love that band. It has elements of genres that I love. It has jazz, hardcore, and progressive all bundled into a wonderful little package! AHAHAHA.

...I'll never be that excited again...[/url}
Technical brootal death metal sounds pretty funny IMO

Forza Juve

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