Has anyone bought a similar bass to this one or does anyone know if this bass is worth buying?

Because i'm not sure.

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If you're not sure, don't.

Or ask UG?
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That doesnt seem like the best deal. Look elsewhere.
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Well i love it, If I saw it at a music store I'd definitely try it out first, cause it Korean made. But I'd love to hva e atele copy IN A BASS, plus those pickups look sick! Again, Korean made, so they may not sound good at all.
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shine like most low end manufacturers suffer from lax QC so you could get a gem or you could just get a polished turd or even an unpolished turd if you're really unlucky
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Looks not bad to me, hardwares most likely going to be low end though

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I was lucky with mine.
I managed to get a Gem with my 6 string shine.
My mates got a shine bass too which is pretty good.
I personally wouldnt like to buy a bass off ebay though without playing i first..