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This is some power metal song I wrote some times ago. I was trying to wrote something epic, and came up with this . It's named as so for lack of a better title . It's quite long, so be prepared to waste 11 minutes of your life lol .

And I'm not a good guitarist (I mainly play bass), so the solos are pure wankage without any thought whatsoever to phrasing, so yeah, I think it's not that good lol. And the second solo isn't finished, and I'm going to rewrite it comes the time and inspiration. ATM, it's a rip-off of another solo .

I hope you enjoy it, and C4C please.
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Nice song . Solos were amazing hehehe. But i lost interest in this type of music last week lol. Now they just bore me to death with how long it is. But i did listened to the whole thing. Great job lol i like yur build up. But the at sometimes there is too much distortion. 10/10 crit 4 crit. The Build Up in my sig please :P
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I enjoyed that, I especially like the main riff, and the Palm Muting on the Chorus was cool. I thought it was really well put together =). Hopefully I will be able to write music as well as this, but not yet I think (I'm a Bassist too )
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Not as good as some Epic songs I've seen, but on the whole it's still pretty good.

I really liked the intro, very calming, as were the acoustic sections. Although I'm curious as to why you only used the synth during those sections; in my opinion what usually defines these types of songs as epic is the constant use of the synth, but you dropped them during the distortion parts.

As for the distortion parts, they are pretty much power meta/thrash, although the volume levels were kind of wonky. The solos were good, but too much 'flash' and not enough emotional appeal for my taste.

I liked the main riff alot, but the chorus didn't really do that much for me. And verse 1 was pretty bleh, although vocals kind change that. The second verse was much better though.

The massive acoustic interlude was good...until about halfway in, then it just started to get a bit boring. The dissonance at some parts (bars 207 and 242, for instance) really just shatter the mood. The "epic bridge" wasn't all that epic; I could barely discern any music, truth be told.

The outro was great, but once again, it lasted too long. And the whistle was starting to get really old.

All in all, you're not *quite* there yet to be able to classify this as epic, but as far as power metal goes, it's pretty decent.

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Thx for the crit, guys!

Ah, I only used synth on those part, because, well, on the main part I was trying to do a power metal approach, not a symphonic metal lol. Yeah, I think this is more of power than epic metal.

For the solo, I can't write an emotional nor epic solo even if my life depends on it . I'm still learning how to solo and improv and stuff, so maybe when I get better I'll revise the solo. For the first verse, it was written with vocals in mind, so it sucks without an actual vocals. Same goes for the chorus.

And I can't believe nobody have mentioned anything about the second solo being a rip-off .

Oh, and adaeha, do you have anything that you want me to crit?
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i just posted a few new songs, so if u want, u can crit em here
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main riff was catchy

i liked it and also the part like to bars before the main riff, i think its 86 or something.
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Doing this as I listen....

-String Ensemble 2 is hard to hear when it first comes in at 9.
-The bass doesn't add anything when it comes in.
-The bells are hard to hear.
-When the guitars come in, you can't hear the single notes. And the chords are very quiet and low in the mix.
-When it goes to distortion guitars, I stopped hearing the bells altogether unless I was focusing perfectly on them.
-The drums are really loud at "Band Intro." The guitars are still relatively quiet.
-I liked the Main Riff.
-I'm of the opinion that a power metal song should have lead going pretty much the whole time more or less. I wasn't a fan of the powerchord verse.
-The rhythm at 81 sounds more like a pop-punk/rock song. =P
-I think verse 2 is much better than 1.
-Even though I said I'm not a fan of straight power chords, I liked the bridge.
-Measure 122- the last quarter note has a bad note in it. lol And the solo isn't necessarily soloing.. it needs to be brought up some.
-I liked the transition into the second bridge.
-There's a definite mood change at the tempo change. I like the way it sounds.
-At E, the harmonica gets flat out buried. Also in E, there's some bad notes it sounds like.
-I liked F. It had a nice feel to it... But I wasn't expecting G or the Re-intro. I was expecting to go straight back into the fast parts.
-I feel like going into Re-Intro, there could be a fade on the whistle part. And the guitars need to be heard, so bring them up.
-I like how you brought it back to the song.
-I like how the second solo has a riff out of Through The Fire And Flames. lol =P
282 and 283 sounded a little weird. 290 had a bad note at the end. 285-288 are beastly. lol
-I'm sorry.. But I really do wish there was a lead over the chorus's main rhythm.
-Can't hear the guitar in Epic Bridge.
-It could use a better transition into 325. 329 and 330's chords sound horribly dissonant.. As in, it doesn't sound intended, so I'm going to assume it wasn't.
-Needs a better transition into the "breakdown."
-A fade from 340 to 341 would be great like before. lol
-A transition into 357 would be great as well. A fade might work.. But I don't want to sound like I'm trying to tell you to overuse them. lol
-I really liked the outro.

Good job and thanks for the crit. =)
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Crit as I listen:

Really dark intro ;P I like it.
Really hard to hear the guitars when they come in though.
When the disto comes in, it's beautiful, I really liked it.
Nice use of the double bass drum there!
The Main riff is awesome, really cool progression.
AHHHH!! All those cymbals killed me ear O.O (Referring to Verse 1)
The Chorus is really cool, nice riff there.
The Verse 2 was better than the first one, pretty cool riff.
I like the use of the bell in the bridge.
Solo 1 was absolutely amazing, loving the tapping.
The bridge after the interlude was really loud, couldn't hear anything.
The whole acoustic part is very well done, but you need to adjust the strings volume.
Wow lol, I thought solo 2 was going to be the DragonForce interlude in "Through the Fire and the Flames" :P Same progression at the very beginning, but it turned out better haha!
The epic bridge + breakdown is awesome, flawless.
I like the acoustic outros, really cool feeling, and I freaking laughed when I heard the whistle haha, but it was very good.

Awesome song there, really enjoyed it, some parts were killing my ears though so try to adjust the volumes :P 9/10!

Cheers for the crit!
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Cheers for the crit mate, sorry for slightly delayed reply:

Intro - good use of 'odd' chords, love the way it all builds up, especially the way the acoustic parts and bells interweave. The distortion part isn't bad but tbh i'd love a nice tasteful solo instead, slow with bends and slides to accentuate the notes - at least vary the note lengths so they aren't all the same, leads to more unpredictability, and generally a better song!

Band Intro - not a fan of the first part, sounds better when it slows down and even better when the power chords kick in (probably the best power chord riff i've heard on here!). Loved the start of the fast riff as well, first three bars are brilliant but after that it's too much of a slow progression from note to note to be interesting. Again, a little variation would do the world of good! Also, where have the keys gone?! A good keyboard section just adds so much atmosphere, you miss out by not using it.

Chorus isn't bad, no real criticism except it's uninspiring. No way to tell without vocals but again you need keys here. Solo 1 works well. I like the way you move from low down the neck to high up. Would prefer a slow(er) section of the solo, but then again it is power metal so can't really complain too much! Good to hear the return of the bells but when the strings come back they're mixed far too high (note the irony given that you made the same criticism of mine...) What they do is good - note the atmosphere!!! Great acoustic part in A and B, simply perfect - no other words. Harmonica is an odd choice but it works! Simply a beautiful interlude. (N.B. something sounds far too dissonant in 198, pretty sure it's the f# in strings 2)

However by F I think you've dragged it out too long, little shorter please! Or a bit more variation. Re-intro fits but again, could be better. Why do the keys keep disappearing?!?!?! Would be so much better with them in the band intro. Haha solo 2 and the dragonforce influence. Whilst I liked the first solo, which worked even with the speed, this one just feels lifeless, partly because it's all fast notes and partly because there's nothing backing it up. Make rhythm guitar louder and also....guess what?

Epic bridge might be good, but I have no idea - can't hear a damn thing i'm afraid. Breakdown's good as it's the same basic theme, good recycling there! Only thing I would criticise is that the transition to the outro is too forced. Leave a note from the acoustic guitar hanging over the top. Outro's good (although I have no idea how you plan to fret the chord in 387!)

Generally a really good song, just work on the levels, the second solo and the lack of keyboard! Really good stuff though - loved it. 8/10
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Okay I'm not gonna do a blow by blow of this, because it is really rather long and the issues are mostly of the same ilk!

Mainly, it's good. The intro has an almost Lacuna Coil like feeling but I think the distortion guitar isn't always in key, and this is one of my main general issues. There seem to be a lot of instances where you're way out of key, particularly with synth, guitar and occasionally bass. If you listen carefully you'll hear them. This style of music depends on being musically sound in terms of keys and scales, so just be careful. The thing with GP is you can listen and edit, so it's always good to do that. If you hear a note that sounds out, move it up or down until it sounds good.

The other issue was the length, but I think you know about that. Some parts do feel as though they're long for the sake of being long. My lead guitarist started doing this about a year ago, and it gets boring unless you vary things a lot and mix it up (Opeth are a good example of being able to do that).

But don't be discouraged! The whistle and harmonica parts were a nice idea, and the flow of the song as a whole was good. The solos were pretty crazy too haha, I like a bit of speed, although again, just watch for any stray notes!

But in general that's good stuff. Nice job (Y) I'd give it between 7.5-8.5/10, can't decide!

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Thanks for the crit dude! Anyway, here goes:

- It starts off very nicely, although maybe the initial strings are a bit too overpowering - you should take out a few notes. When the guitars enter, it also sounds good and you build up the intro nicely.
- The band intro I didn't really like - it wasn't as good. The bassline was very good but the guitars were pretty poor.
- Assuming you're going to have vocals over the verse, I think it works. The main riff is absolutely awesome, make sure you keep that no matter what. The chorus also has a nice riff, though it will sound better recorded (but that's not exactly a fault).
- The bridge isn't too good - it's just like the verse and I think that you should change it to something slightly different.
-The solos harmonise well with the other tracks and are technically good but lack that extra bit of melody. As it goes into the tempo change, it once again is good, but once again the strings overpower the guitars.
-When the harmonica enters, it continues to keep a nice steady melody but I think that the harmonica itself and the flute should both be changed to different instruments.
-I like the change from E to F, it works very well for the song.
-The second solo is once again technically well written, but also lacks melody
-The epic bridge sounds cool but the breakdown is rather pointless, as it is the same as everything else.

Overall, I really liked the melody, you have yourself a very good, solid piece. My main problem with it was that it went for far too long using pretty much the same melody, so if you plan to keep it this long, change around the main melody, or make it shorter, otherwise it simply gets boring.
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Eeeehhh, so you guys think it's too long, eh? I was aiming to write a >10 minute song at that time, so I tried to make it as long as I can. Seems all I did was dragging it too much... But like I've already said in the first post, this is an old piece that I wrote some long time ago. I *think* that my songwriting skill has improved from the time I wrote this song, though . Oh, btw, this song was originally 3 different song written as separate pieces mashed up together to achieve the >10 minute goal. The "power metal" part, the acoustic part, and the outro were actually 3 separate songs, but was written in the same key and tempo (yeah, I suck).

I was thinking of putting it on my EP, and so I put it here to find what could be improved. But this is not the most powerful song there, no, the most powerful will be a 20-something minute song that I will post here in the near future (I know, too long lol, but it's going to contain only like 3 songs).

So, alright, I'll cut down a few unnecessary parts, and rework the second solo. It was supposed to be the emotional and melodic solo, as the first was the "technical" but I kinda got bored, so I stole the beginning of TFAF's solo instead and kinda noodled from there . Any ideas on which parts are unnecessary and better if scrapped? I was thinking of cutting lots of part of the acoustic thingy, so, any other suggestion on which part to cut?