I wish I had GP5...

You should record an MP3 of it and post it.
Sounded good. Just needs vocals to get rid of some of the repetitiveness.

Also, the first little bit of the bridge is sort of boring and repetitive, especially since it carries throughout the whole thing. I think if you bring up the octaves a little bit it would take some of the repetitiveness off due to putting it lower in the mix.

The chugging rhythm (duh duggaduh duh, duh duggaduh duh) also got a little boring. It's so cliche nowadays.

And, lastly, the solo sounded really "happy" for the rest of the song... Mostly 79-92 is the not-so-fitting part.

That's about all I can say though. And of course that's just my taste. I'm sure there's people out there that would go apecrap over the whole thing. lol
It was pretty sweet, the constant cymbols were annoying and took away from it IMO. I liked the different harmonies you had going on. The solo was pretty sweet. 2/3/2 sliding was great. Nothing was really wrong with it, it was really melodic. If I had to hate on it I'd say it's repetitive and the drums are very good. But with vocals it wouldn't be repetitive. So good job 8.5/10.
it was pretty cool, i expecting to hear a breakdown, so i think u should chuck one in, oh and btw wat does imo mean, im abit of a noob