hey does anyone know a way that i can email garage band files? oh and when i try to "archive" it, it wont let me check off the box if you know what i'm talking about...
save it to your desktop and just attach it to the email
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doesnt work...when i click attatch a file it shows a list of all of the files that i have but the garage band ones are in grey and cant be used.
can you not zip them? i would have thought that would work
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If garageband works like most other multitrack software, there's no ay you cojuld email a whole project. The file you describe probably just references and arrages various uncompressed audio files which are saved on your hard drive, and without those files you won't get any sound when you open it on another computer.

Even a short recording with one or two guitar tracks would likely be 50-80Mb, minimum. There's simply no way you could send an entire project, unless the computer you sent it to already had a copy of all the audio recordings.