Hey guys,
My and my friends are settin up new band.
We're really bad in writin lyrics, so we're looking for some good lyrics.
we're asking for permition or the lyrics writer and we'll put it on myspace so he can hear it. if you got lyrics you want to share with us, please write it. Thx

P.S- Band name is- PEACE. probably will be classic rock.
~"When your heart stops beating, your alive again - PEACE"~
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Dude you won't need to come here.. Just write it here or send it to my E-mail A_Levy6426@hotmail.com.
Youll get credit.. and we'll put it on myspace so youll be able to see it.
~"When your heart stops beating, your alive again - PEACE"~
it shouldnt be about quality in your lyricism, it should be about originality and emotion. look at Nirvana for example; extremely simple song concepts but amazingly catchy because Kurt had the feeling. Against Me is another good example. Not the best voice, but his emotion and passion are all there. Just write something really trite that you believe in and that way you can put your own emotional twist on it. If it's classic rock you're after, then trite lyrics would be right at home. a band is about expression of your feelings and portrayal of your ideas and if you respect music, you would want people to hear those things...not someone elses. good luck tho. BTW, use the Alanis Morisette Lyric Generator if you're that desperate. google it and you'll see what i mean. Cheers.
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I tells ya this: This key to writing a popular song isn't writing a good song - It's writing a catchy song. Why do you think pop and rap is so popular?

As far as tips go, I would say to write about things that are going on around you, and how you feel about them. Of course, if you're a little rich white kid living in the suburbs, this probably isn't a good idea.
That's true, if you use someone else's lyrics there won't be any honesty in your music. Even if your a bad lyricist, if there's even a drop of emotion it will shine through.
Ok thx you guys.. I'll check out some lyrics..
I will write my myspace so you can see it. thx for all.
~"When your heart stops beating, your alive again - PEACE"~