If you're in grade school/college and use a TI-83+ or 84/84+ graphing calculator, you've probably realized you can play games on it during class. So I figured I should make a program to teach the notes on the guitar fretboard so that I could do something productive when I was bored in class.

You need TI Connect and a USB or serial cable to do this.
If you haven't connected your calculator to your computer before, you'll have to let Windows install the drivers.
Once you have TI Connect, download and unzip the attached file. Right click the FRETS.8xp file and say "Send to TI Device..."

The program displays a string and a fret. The idea is to determine what note this is.

You'll see a grid of the notes in the middle of the screen. This corresponds to the white keys on your calculator.

A A# B
C C# D
D# E F
F# G G#

Maps to

7 8 9
4 5 6
1 2 3
0 . (-)

So if you want to answer "C#", press 5.

After you answer, it will tell you whether or not you are correct. After getting the right note, press ENTER to continue and be given another fret.

You can also press the MODE button to select the range of strings and frets you want to be tested on.

If you have any feature requests or find any bugs, please tell me.
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i lost my usb cable

and i don't really get the game, what do you do?
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what? i wish we had calculators like that in england
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we have graphic calculators, how do i play games on them??!!? i didnt know it was possible

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i lost my usb cable

and i don't really get the game, what do you do?

Very simple... it gives you the string and fret and you respond with the note.

So, if it said


You'd respond C.

And there's a ****load of games for practically every graphing calculator... search Google.
oh god, I so could have used this all those LONG LONG math classes back in the day. you're like 5 years late for me tho