Im starting to delve into the world of electrics after a few years on acoustic and im getting a set up of...Fender Lonestar Deluxe,Vox Ad30vt and bossRC2..

Im getting the strat cos of its versatility and it suits my indie/lite rock style...
I like the look of lps and i would love the have a guitar that is tottaly different to the strat and looking at a few pics of these agiles...They seem worth the price just to have them lying around lookin nifty they look so good..

Are they really lowend like Squier and no-name brands or are they more epiphone standard?..Could you link me to some nice models? oh..and do they ship to europ(ireland)
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I guess you could compare them to some epiphones, but better.

from what i understand any model that is a 3000 or above is usually really good.
From what i hear of em, they seem pretty good. And few, if any, guitars have the features that some of those guitars have. I would pick the one thats in your budget that has the features you want.
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