So basically, I'm out of the band obviously. I've moved about 4 hours away. The local music scene here is alright, it's about the same as where I was. But anyways, I'm trying to find a band to fit into down here. I'll see on their myspace's that they're looking for a guitarist, but when I message them, I don't get a reply at all. I've tried to contact 3 different bands here and not one of them will reply to me. It just sucks because they don't even give me a try-out or anything.

Alright so...has anybody had this problem? Can you guys give me some advice on how to make bands want ME instead of me looking like an idiot trying to fit into their band. What should I say in these messages?

Sorry for the wall of text.
Yeah I thought about that...but the music store here isn't very popular. Oh well, I could try it anyways, you never know.
Well, if it doesn't hurt your situation, there's no reason not to do it
Have you got any recordings of your playing on myspace/here/wherever? That would probably help.
Well, I've got a recording interface. I suppose I could write and record something over the next week.