this is dodgys infamous cover of cassius, its hillarious!

on cassius btw)


the back story is even funnier, xfm have this live from leiscter square thing every friday and a few weeks ago foals were supposed to play but turned there noses up at xfm because the rules of L.I.L.S. mean you have to play a cover.. foals being the pretentious silly numpties that they are refused to do it saying it would "lower them" so xfm had to find a replacment at the last minuite which came in the form of dodgy a band 90's band who did that"staying out for the summer" song thats on that haven advert.. well they turned up and for there cover they played Cassius by foals and just took the piss utterly and all the talk with the dj and the band it was hillarious they were in fits afterwards

now xfm keeps playing it and its left foals rreallly red faced about the whole thing

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