Hey im currently running a C-1 Hellraiser w/emgs and a Marshall JVM head, my problem is my tone seems abit thin and isnt quie cutting through in a band situation, and i was wondering what would would be the best way to thicken it up so to speak..

I was thinking of getting a MXR line booster pedal as from the demos this seems to be what it does.
Any comments or suggestion greatly appreciated.
Boost your mids, boost the front end with an OD or EQ. Stuff like that.

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Sounds like you're scooping your mids. Stop, now.

As a rule, if you mids are lower than about 4 or so, you're doing it wrong. An EQ pedal would help, but try using your amp's onboard EQ first.
im not scooping my mids, there on about 6 at least usuly

Any ODS or EQS yuo would recomend?
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im not scooping my mids, there on about 6 at least usuly

Any ODS or EQS yuo would recomend?

Might want to try boosting them a bit more, even. What's your treble like?

The 5150's are notorious for not getting a "thick" tone, though.
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well the problem is the "hellraiser with EMG's part". not a very thick tone, a bit bland but what are u gonna do, that's the guitar you have. anyways, the best thing you can do is turn your mids up a bit more. you can also try balancing your bass and treble out a bit. i don't know how you have it set, but turn ur bass up and your treble down (if it's too high anyways). i have my treble at 5, and bass at 7-8. as for cutting through for leads and stuff that MXR pedal is good, but try the 6 or 10 band EQ.
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Trebles usuly on about 7 possibly 8...

There's your problem, you already have a guitar with a thin tendency and you're boosting your treble. Try bass 7-8, mids 5-6 and treble on 5 and see where that takes you.
Turn up the resonance a bit. On OD1/OD2 amber and red modes, the sound is naturally very compressed. How do you have your channel volumes and master volumes set up? Also, the gain past a certain point, depending on the guitar/pickups, acts more like a compression knob to me than an adding more gain knob. No need to use a boost or overdrive pedal. Take it from someone that has had a JVM for about as long as they've been out.