so....i want to try making my first pedal....what would you recommend that isnt too expensive or difficult????

Well when I started I tried a fuzz face but I ruined it. I then tried a Green Ringer octave pedal and it works fine. Maybe that? I got the kit from general guitar gadgets.
The thing about the Fuzz dirtboxes is that they are easy to build, but getting them to sound right is quite another matter. supergerbil, did you ruin it before you were able to hear it?

how much would all of the components ASIDE FROM THE HOUSING run do you think?
things like resistors and capacitors are very cheap. like 10 cents if you get them from someplace like small bear elec, but more pricey from radio shack. It's things like switches and pots (and enclosures) that cost a lot of money.
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Im working on that fuzz face box, im about 3/4 of the way done, I just need the 8.2 k-ohm resister, the two transisters, and the pots. the Q1 and the Q2 resister, what are the specs on those things? the associate and I were confused poopless at radio shack today when I was getting some parts. Ill have pics up soon, got a sweet aluminum encloser, put in a greed LED in the circuit.
The 250/Distortion+ wasn't too hard to build.
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