hey all, i have an RG 7321 guitar and the stock pickups are pretty bad, i'm looking into getting a new bridge pickup, it's likely i wont be getting a new neck pickup cause that's how i roll. anyways, i was originally looking into the EMG 707 or 707TW pickups, however i understand they are basically the 85 in a 7-string format, and personally i find the 85 to get muddy and bad for heavy riffs, it has no clear definition. anyways, i was also looking into the EVO 7 and D-sonic & pickups. it doesn't matter to me that i'll have to route out a cavity for the EMGs but i just want a pickup with good clear cut through, much like nevermore (my favourite band) despite Jeff loomis's use of the 85. thanks in advance.
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Have ya thought about Duncan blackouts, you wouldn't have to route out anything if ya got the phase 1's.
If you like nevermore check out Bare Knuckle pickups, they're what Chris Broderick uses in his guitars.
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I'm also looking for the exact same answer. I'm looking at the possibility of EMG 81-7's (They're not on the official website, but musician's friend sells them) or the 707's like g-cash is. I play a lot of metal and prog myself (metallica, dream theater, etc)
as far as i remember, the 7321 is wired with all passives is it not? i think you may need to route some of the wood for them to fit properly.

I have a 7 string as well and its difficult to find decent 7 string pickups that are readily available in your most frequented shops.. but sometimes you get lucky.

if you're bent on getting actives and working them into the body, i'm sure most stores will be happy to order them for you. otherwise i think the better way to go would be to get some damn good passives from a respected brand.
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