will somebody please tell me if this is a good amp, tone wise and could i get a good gain sound out of it, also a solo>?
The Legacy doesn't really have a whole lot of chunk. It's a lead players amp. Warm, glassy cleans and a very warm, smooth lead tone. It can do metal, but it's more along the lines of 80's metal. I wouldn't recommend it if you're playing more riff oriented material.
so its a really good lead, clean sort of amp, because im into that too and can u tell me about the diferent types of carvin amps, and which one is in ur opinion the best for lead, and clean
The Legacy is Carvin's best amp for lead and cleans. If you want the hard rhythm crunch and more tone versatility, check out the V3.
better with the v3 for the above reason, also it has to be cranked to get high gain as its from the power tubes not the preamps. i love my v3.
so legacy is better for leads and cleans, and v3 is better for crunchy sort of riffs, basically the v3 has a lower end frequency gain then the legacy?
Mark IV i think can give you both, try it out
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Just like I said in my first post, the Legacy has warm, glassy cleans and warm, smooth lead tones. It has one of the best clean channels of any amp I've played to date and you won't find another amp with a similar lead channel. If you're going to be playing more rhythm than lead, check out the Carvin V3.
are carvin guitars any good, im thinking of getting a custom, and im sure itll look nice, but not sure of how it will sound, considering my lack of information on carvin
Carvin guitars are very nice. Not only that, but you can have one made to your own specs. fairly cheap.
Just becuase Carvin has a low price, doesn't mean they have low quality, it's just because they sell factory direct. Other companies such as Fender and Gibson, have markups from the dealers. With Carvin, you are basically paying the same price as a Guitar Center. A DC400's list price is $1199, but places like Guitar Center would jack that up to about $1599!