He everyone! You should see this, it's like your own computer - on the internet!

< Your Operating System...On the internet...

eyeOS is a new kind of Operating System, where everything resides on a web browser. With eyeOS, you will have your desktop, applications and files always with you, from your home, your college, your office or your neighbor's house. Just open a web browser, connect to your eyeOS System and access your personal desktop and all your stuff just like you left it last time.

Come check it out. Experience YOUR OWN computer...All on ONE link.

For all users, you can install programs through the eyeApp program in "Software"

Regular users are limited to 75mb disk space (most programs you need are already there and others are usually like 10-20mb so you'll be good) and 1.5gig of bandwidth/month.
There is a choice of premium for many extras at

This is GREAT for a traveling Business/band/musician, because you can upload your songs from your house and log in on any computer and download them there! It's a very amazing system.

There will be a BIG update this month to the system so they'll be tons of extra features, fixes, bug updates, and more~!

Hope you all like the new site - Thanks,