Alright, I'm extremely happy with my new rig (DC-5 and Mesa Recto 2x12 cab), but when I was playing it at GC, then later at home, I noticed at 1 it's quiet enough to practice and sounds pretty good (a little muddy at home, but later on that). However, when i go to 2, it's INSANELY louder, and not just like most tube amps I've played...I could move a Peavey JSX from 1 to 2.5 and it didn't just jump in volume to the extremes that my Mesa does. Is this common with Mesas, the DC series, or is this just a messed up volume pot?

Also, I noticed at home my DC sounds a tad muddy. I didn't change the settings from when i tried it in the store (rougly between 1 and 1.5, if that helps), same settings, etc. Now, I tried it at the store with a Schecter C-1 Classic (great guitar by the way!), and it was REALLY crisp, and could clean up extremely well. However, when I tried it with my Schecter Spitfire at home, it wasn't as crisp, and at first sounded a tad muffled/muddy. I'm thinking it's just the guitar and pickups (the Spitfire's bolt-on and has god knows what pickups, while the C-1 is set neck or neckthrough, with I believe seymour duncans), but could it possibly be the acoustics? I went from playing at a big store to my grandparent's sunroom, so would that affect the crispness of it?
I dont know about mesa's volume personally but i do know that some amps are prone to voluime jumps. It's jsut the way they're made. For isntance our schools Fender HotRod Deluxe goes from nice and quiet (.5-1) to too much volume at just 2. then thers barely any volume increase until you hit around 5-6 then another jump. Its not the pot in the fender because my school has two of them and they are both the same.

As for the sound it could be the combination of the two. Cheaper guitar + worse acoustics. Also, when you play an amp that you like in the store, generally it'll sound great to you and you dont pick up the faults. Once you take the amp home you study the sound a little more and notice more.
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That's the way some amps are. My Legacy is just like that. At 1 it's fairly quiet, but turn it past 1 and it gets LOUD! As for it sounding different, the acoustics of the room you're in plays a big role. You can be using the exact same settings and the exact same guitar and it will sound slightly different in different rooms, venues, etc.
Alright, thanks. I was kinda worried there for a minute! Still a little upsetting that 2 is a bit too loud for practicing, but the good thing is that at 2, it sounds REALLY amazing. I can't wait to put it's volume to good use.
Alot of fender devilles/deluxes are notorious for that... My dads fender does that...

BTW congrats on the Mesa... I hear those Dual calibers are preety beastly

Yea, I believe they're Duncan Designed. I'm thinking of throwing either some DiMarzios or some Duncans in it eventually.


Yes, it is pretty beastly! Really responsive to touch and pickups, and can go from a brutal barrage of drop tuned power chords, roll off the volume to like 1, and have a really velvet suprisingly super clean sound. And the louder it gets, the better it sounds (and the deafer i become!!).