I just bought a brand new Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue, sounds great, but when i play i get a weird jangley noise coming of it, especially when i hit certain notes. I think it's the filaments in the tubes, but I'm not an expert. The sound definitely cuts through and is annoying. Is this normal? Should i bring the amp back? Help!
I had the same problem.
They sent it to Fender and they replaced the little slots where the tubes fit in, and all the tubes. Seemed to fix it. The tubes don't really have anything that dampens vibration around them except for that little bit of foam so they tend to rattle around a lot.
I would get new tubes from eurotubes (trust me on that one) and see if that fixes the problem, although if you just got the amp brand new you could probably get the store to fix it for free.
it was the floor model at guitar center, i'm thinking of going back with it and just ordering a brand new one