I went to guitarcenter the other day and bought a pack of elixirs for my sg, but then i got home and realized it said acoustic guitar strings. I don't want the hassle of driving all the way back there, but do acoustic strings work on electric? I mean I'm sure they would, but if there's anything you can let me know, tell me please. I know elixirs come in different colors, but I guess i wasn't allowed a choice when I bought them.

i would not use acoustic strings on an electric because

A. it would sound terrible and

B. it could damage your guitar.
well...acoustic strings normally don't have bearings on the back of them (at least mine dont) because you usually tie a knot at the bridge...if they are all steel strings it could work...
Depends on how thick they are. I use the equivalent of "light" acoustic strings on my electric.

But still, if you're guitar is set up like an electric and not for 11's like mine, go return them.
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Electric Guitars usually use Extra Light or Light strings, so I guess if they're that then they would work. If Guitar Center isn't that far away I'd return them.
well the strings are in 10's and i compared them to some yamaha strings that i had on them before, and the lower strings for the elixirs such as E A D are only like .05 thicker than the yamahas.

and on a side note, i bought this stuff called finger grease, or finger ease. it really helps with playing faster and loosening tension, but like would it damage the guitar? or should I just wipe it off after every session?
I would seriously just take them back and get the proper strings. If that's just too much trouble to do, you can put them on, but you will probably have to adjust your intonation, and possibly the truss rod as well.