I just got my brand new Fender '65 Deluxe Reverb Reissue two days ago and it sounds pretty fantastic.

But there is one little problem I've noticed so far:

Sometimes when I have the reverb on , I can hear feedback. It keeps going even when I plug out my guitar and gets louder the more I turn up the reverb.

I heard it the first time today and I can't remember that I heard it yesterday...

Should I take it in to the local guitar store I bought it from and ask them about it?

I'm new to tube amps and I dont know if this is usual and something I just have to get used to.....

Please help me, thank you!!!!
You shouldn't really get that much feedback on a clean amp like the Deluxe. Is it extremely loud? Hum is explainable, but feedback? Are you running any pedals or something?
High as tits
sometimes it all depends on where your amp is in the room...the same thing happened to me with mine..
try moving it around and if that doesnt work take it to the shop
No, I mean, it's not really loud feedback. I can just hear a high-piched sound sometimes...
Seems fine right now when I'm playing though.

I've heard that tube amp sometimes can pick up like radio signals or something like that. Has that something to do with this?

Thank you
The feedback is coming from the reverb pan. I don't know how loud the feedback is, so I can't say whether it's normal or not. You could try putting something soft underneath/around the pan, and see if it helps.
The feedback is not loud at all. I can only hear it when I'm not playing. Only heard it about 3-4 times though....