Ok, sorry for the repeating threads. I've made up my mind. You all will probably say I can do much better for the price, but I don't care. I'm going to get either the ESP LTD KH-202 or JH-200.

Which one? They are both pretty much exactly the same except for a few cosmetic things which are about even in my eyes and the trems.

So, the kh202 with the LFR or the jh200 with the kahler xtrem?

I know kahlers are nice but i researched the x-trem and it's their cheap made in asia model. However, i'm not sure how good the esp LFR is either.

Thank you all for your time.
Both guitars are signature models and will cost more than a similiar guitar without a famous guitarists name on it... I had only bad experiences with low end tremolos, maybe you'll find one with a better trem
i own the 202, its not a bad guitar. they both look very similar, just go with who you like more as a guitarist
id say the 202. if youre already going to be spending alot dont get a crappy low-end tremelo. get the best option (in this case is the LFR)
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202 i don't like kahler
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ok thanks

does anyone on here have any expierence with the kahler x-trem? is it basically the same thing as a nicer kahler?
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202 i don't like kahler

That's your opinion man, TS might like them. (I don't really like Kahler all that much either)

TS They are great guitars, try them both out side by side. Also Don't forget to try out the MH and the M 400 series guitars, very similar, and you are not paying extra for the artist's name, you are paying for the quality.
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The EC is well out of his price range I'm guessing. Also from what i can see, TS wants a guitar with a tremolo.
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The EC is well out of his price range I'm guessing. Also from what i can see, TS wants a guitar with a tremolo.

Sorry, I brought my EC bias with me
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so are ESP licensed floyds fairly good then?

They are not the best, all I can say. Their high end models have really good one's on them. But the low end ones are like the edge III, it will be decent for a while and then break. Or so says my friend with a low end model.

Also To the other guy, I understand EC series is amazing I would suggest it if TS didn't want tremolos