Since I am just a bedroom player I am warming to the idea of getting either a Vox Tonelab or Boss Gt-8 so i can get decent sounds at bedroom volumes, but I was wondering whether I would be able to use my V-Stack classic pedal with them.

At the moment I run my wah into my v-stack into a clean amp and it gives me a brilliant hard-rock marshally tone, great for stuff off appetite etc, but thats the only sound I can get, so I want to get a multi-fx to get the rest of the sounds i like and all the effects I want without having 101 stompboxes (plus OD pedals at quiet bedroom volumes sound rubbish.) I dont however want to give up the awesome sound I get with the V-stack, so I was wondering whether either of these multi-fx pedals could be bypassed or could be set up so that they use no amp model or OD, so it is just the clean sound of the amp (with maybe some of the multi-fx units delay) so I can use the V-stack when I want my GnR sound. I have looked at the manuals but cant find anything that suggests this. Is this possible?

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which is better at amp modelling?
Tonelab. It has an insert loop that you could put the V Stack in. And have presets that'll bypass the Tonelabs amp modelling and just use the V Stack.

Edit: I have a clip of the TLLE straight into my soundcard in my profile if you wanna have a listen.
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Most multi-effects units allow you to bypass the amp and cab models. Stick it in front of whatever you decide on and either create a patch without an amp and cab model or bypass the entire unit.
cheers, how does the TLLE sound through that orange valve amp? im wondering whether to keep my laney LC15r if i get a Tonelab or whether to buy a keyboard amp.... id sooner keep the valve amp so i can build up some pedals for the future if i gig and such, but if it would sound a lot better through a keyboard amp id sooner do that!

edit: oh and how does the tonelabs amp modelling compare to the valvetronix ADVT series? i had the AD50VT and didnt care for its sounds much, does it sound like one of those in a pedal or better?
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I've run it into my fx return before and IMO it's not so good. You have to turn off the cab simulator on the TL but it's still going through a simulated power section of whatever model you're using as well as the power section on the amp. It just gets too much. It sounds a lot better straight into my sound card and It'd probably sound much much better through a full range (keyboard) amp or a PA.

I think the tabletop ToneLab and the ToneLab SE are just like the VTX amps (the blue grilled Valvetronix) which are better that the regular VT's. I don't know about the LE, it's supposed to be better sounding than the SE anyway.

Bare in mind I haven't tried a VT series amp. If you like the sound on my profile more than you liked the VT then go for it. It's the UK 80's (JCM 800) model.
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tonelab is good cos its tube driven but zoom g9 is better..it has an amazing engl preset and its also tube driven. does a great fender twin as well.