..that one of the guitarists in my old band left at my house a few months ago. It's a Traynor Tube Mate30 and it looks pretty old to me.

The cool part is, it has been dropped quite a few times, so it has this permanent reverb (even with the reverb knob at 0) and sometimes it gives you weird feedback while you're playing with the gain turned up.
with the reverb and presence all the way up, it makes for awwweeesome doom/noise/post metal type of stuff which i've been messing around with lately.

I have a boss DD-3 and an MT-2, and was basically wondering if you guys could come up with anything weird that i could mess around with i.e. getting different types of feedback, using delay with feedback, just basically making the weirdest noises i can without ruining my gear.



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Drop it again?

Nah , but seriously, if your willing to mess around on it, just do some trial and error.
Try some delay with the reverb from it being dropped I think that would sound pretty cool.