Atreyu is so awesome. (so is daft punk lol) I saw ateryu live at taste of chaos. They are amazing live but also there screamer is so good.
ya the Atreyu thread is the place for this...

You, sir, need to learn the ways of these forums. But congrats, I've never seen someone need to move a thread twice.
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YES! you, Dazed/confused, are a genius. my thanks to you, good friend
i saw them live with korn and it was definately 1 of their off nights
you should have heard that guitar solo... lol
get the **** out of here
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First of all, I enjoy deathcore for it's complexity and it's the only genre heavy enough for me

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I think devildriver, lamb of god and killswitch are the best black metal probably ever.

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the clean vox weren't bad a lot

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Damn, what is with all the new 08ers and their spam-topic threads lately?!?!

Although I do love both Atreyu and Daft Punk, you should still look at the stickies and direct the matters to the threads. Also, Alex used to be a really bad screamer in the days of Suicide Notes. You can hear his voice begin to fail in the original recording of Lip Gloss And Black ("I'll show you that plaaaaaaaaaa*crackle*aace")
Daft Punk > Atreyu even though they shouldn't be compared at all.

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i want to beat the threadstarter over the head with a brick. just beating it continuously till my hands wear off.
I know im probably gonna get flamed, but Justice > Daft Punk >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Atreyu
atreyu isn't really amazing. even when they are at their best, they're pretty average in the grand scheme of things.