Okay i ve just come across a song that use as c shaped chord but barred on the 4 the fret if you get me...

The problem is with my little finger pressin the 5th string kinda locks up or something weird when i put pressure on it..which is horrible cause i have ta switch in and outto of that chord for the song..I have been playinf for about 3 years and i ve came across the problem the odd time but this really highlites it...I ve tried moving my wrist etc to no avail...Pleas help!
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ya ill try that for now but it dusnt fit in with the song quite as well in terms of sound and rhtym..Is the problem with the pinky jus strength so?
Damien Rice === Legend
the thing is i am!...Ive been playin acoustic for 3-4 years now and i use my pink alot but not in this stretched position..
Damien Rice === Legend
Play the chord up higher. While the "one finger per fret rule" should work all over the neck, you may find the stretch easier up higher.

Of course, you'll have to move the chord down eventually, but that should help as a practice technique.