I have a strat wired with fender vintage noiseless pickups that was until recently working normally. However, I noticed a significant decrease in volume and output from the middle pickup, both my itself and when in combination with the bridge or neck pickups.

I popped open the guitar and looked inside. The wiring looks normal to me and I didn't notice anything that was out of order.

What could be causing the decrease in output? Is the pickup shot or is there a likely culprit I should check for in the wiring?
How high is it raised?
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Reasonably high. It is a little higher than the neck pickup and slightly lower than the bridge pickup. I actually attempted raising the pickup already to see if I could bring the output up but I still had the same problem. It's not just low output---it sounds *different* from how it used to. No punch at all.
It's possible that a solder joint has cracked somewhere that isn't easily visible or the connection between the coil wire and the lead wires (which sometimes isn't soldered) has loosened a bit. The easiest way of checking is set it to the pickup that's acting funny and measure the output by testing the output jack with an ohmmeter. Then measure the other pickups and see how they compare.
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Same thing happened to my Les Paul, which I only noticed last night, a friends said its the same problem as Kendall said above.
Im Taking it to get it checked out tomorrow, should know the problem in a couple of days, Il let you know if you dont already know by then.

EDIT: Turns out the circuit had shorted :S Dont know how, but it was fixed quickly and cheaply
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