Hey everyone, im really undecided, i dont know what to buy.

my budget is 573.67 dollars.

I dont know what to get i was bettween this ones

Fender Stratocaster
Fender Stratocaster with floyd rose
Jackson King V (the one that costs 500 )
A zakk wylde Epiphone
korina epi Flying V

Ok i play all the styles of music exept bad music, such as green day and all that.

the bands I like the most are:

ozzy, with randy rhoads
deep purple
led zep
van halen
johny winter
dream theater
joe satriani
Bad Co.

and all the kinds of music that are good, and have tasty guitar solos and riffs.

what do you recomend me?

i already own a les paul copy, a digitech rp250 and a Fender 65 FR
Quote by Colgate Total
Jackson RR3... and a better amp.

nice one, but i can not afford. Thanks anyways.

By the way i bought my amp used at 150 dolars thats kind of cheap considering that here in argentina every thing is 3 times expensier. that amp here new it costs 500 dolares