Hey guys, has anyone read the novel "Water for Elephants"? If so do you guys know what the main theme is in the novel and what movie has the same sort of theme?

If not can anyone tell me a movie that takes place during the depression which involves a love story or triangle.
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That's the novel involving a circus, right? I read a review for it a whie back. Looks good, haven't read it though. So I am of no help.
1st question: nope, sorry

2nd question: Of Mice and Men, however that is nonsexual love so it might not count?

Yeah it's the circus one. To SsPunk, thanks alot and ill check the movie out. To the bassist, I have been trying to figure it out but unfortunately I'm not the best in english so I thought I could use some help.

And another theme in the novel is loyalty so loyalty during the depression could also be good if anyone knows a movie with that theme in it.

Thanks alot
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