Hey guys,

So the story is, i've got a music exam this week at uni, which aswell as a lot of technical assessements etc we have to play 2 contrasting pieces. Anyhow, one of the songs i'd like to do is This Charming Man by The Smiths. Except I really need a backing track to perform it to. I've scoured the web, looked at guitarbt.com etc and havn't had any luck with finding one. If any of you happen to have one or know where to get one (even if you have to pay to download) you'd be an absolute life saver!

Thanks a lot.
get guitar pro. find a guitar pro tab of the song. Delete the guitar track and export the file to midi. Import the midi file into a program like FL Studio, and use a soundfont on each of the tracks to make it sound more real. Here is a good database of soundfonts :

Got Garageband?
You can always just get the Guitar Pro tab (with Drums and Bass) and export it as a MIDI file, then drag that into Garageband, which converts generic MIDI sounds into Garageband sounds.
If you don't, I might be able to get it done for you, if I can find a Guitar Pro tab for it.
PM me if you need.

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Check guitarbt.com out.



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Quote by breakstuff
Check guitarbt.com out.

Check the first post out.

TS - Unless you can find a Guitar Pro tab of it, you're kinda out of luck. I doubt there are many people who even know how to make a backing track here, and even fewer who would take the time to do it.