I just posted this in the Electric guitar fourm but they told me to move it here so here it is, and I used the dreaded seach bar and nuthin came up so

Im thinkin about changin the pickups in my strat just to see what it will do to the sound, so can someone tell me how to do it and recommend what kinda pickups to get oh and I play everything from Metallica to Johnny Cash. Thanks for the help
they're really not that hard to change. just de-solder any wires that go from your current pickups (it's a strat, so I'm assuming there's only 2), and solder the wires from the new pickup to the same places (obviously, hot on the new pup goes where hot on the old one went, an ground to ground).

Although, before you think about changing pickups, what amp do you have?
a good amp and half decent stock pickups will sound much better than a $200 pickup through a $20 amp....

Also, If you're playing metallica, or any other rock/metal, I'd suggest looking at a guitar with humbuckers, or at least a fat strat.
on the seymour duncan website, they've got a diagram on how to change your pickups, its just a little thing you download, i think Adobe something. anyways, that should help.