A few days ago I put up a posting discussing how I was looking to pick up a guitar for around 300 bucks...
Well this is close to 300....the Gibson Melody Maker....anyone out there have experience with them? Are they well constructed? Does it have a good solid Tone?


Heard a good review on them from a friend...just wanted more sources
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I'd go and try these out at a GC or something.
I wouldn't trust the Gibson name on such a low priced guitar.
I would automatically assume that the Gibson logo would put 200 bucks on it's price, and the rest is it's playability and construction and stuff.
Well, they're made in the USA, that's a plus.
But, i've heard that the pickups are weak, even for single coils.
It'd probably sound alot like a telecaster, but with a mahogany body.
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as far as tone listen some songs by Joan jett and the blackhearts they play melody makers