Im actually doing this for my dad.

Right now, he has a garrison acoustic which he finds hard for him to play, well, because its an acoustic. He dosent like the wide body profile. So he was interested in getting an electric, as he thinks it will help improve his playing.

He played a squier at GC the other day, and really liked it. Im a bassist, and know that the VM series basses are extremely nice, regardless of their low price tag. Is it the same way for guitars? I think he played an affinity series at GC, but im not sure he has a good ear for tone, or can tell good build quality (affinity basses are pretty terrible.)

Anyway, his budget is under $500, so anything else in that price range you guys would reccomend, let me know. He likes Classic rock and Blues. And some earlier RHCP stuff. thanks.
Check this site


There are some good entry level guitars.

Other choices are Squier Strat, and an Epiphone Les Paul (which will still be worthy when and if he gets to intermediate level).
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I wouldnt suggest getting an electric quite yet. If he gets used to play an acoustic when he finally does pick up an electric it will be ALOT easier to play. But if you insist I would suggest getting an Epiphon Les Paul Studio.
if he is willing to spend up to 500 he should look into a mim hss strat instead of squire.
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if he is willing to spend up to 500 he should look into a mim hss strat instead of squire.

+1. that or an Epi LP standard plain top, or if he can save up $50 more, an Epi LP standard plus top.

Also, I started on electric, a well-set up electric plays with a much lower action than any acoustic. I agree with you TS, squiers can be very good.
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Epi G-400 or MIM strat. Does he have an amp or is that also part of the $500?
I would also recommend a Epi G-400, and with the leftovers he can buy some gear if he wants to.
laguna is a great bargain guitar
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