I got mine off of musiciansfriend for 400, bought EMG's and a gig bag for it and didn't even spend 650 bucks all together. Someone saw you coming.

But yeah, suggestions.

Try to sell it on ebay, for about 300 or so.
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hey there man. interested in seven strings?? i've got a HEAVILY upgraded Shecter Avenger 7 string i'd be willing to trade. it's got Dimarzio pickups, ALL new electronics, graphtech saddles and nut, grover tuners. It's got a mahogany body and maple neck. It's really nice and sounds great. let me know if you're interested. thanks man

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Quote by strings-N-stuff
no, real pics of the guitar your selling.

its the exact same thing, color and all. theres a few chips under the pointy parts at the bottom of the guitar but other than that not a scratch. this thing is in really nice condition, but im ready to upgrade
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heres a picture, its not that recent and its not the type of picture you guys are looking for but here:

this is also my friends guitar, not mine, im just letting him use my account

and i havent gotten a pm yet rob
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