I just got done reading the thread on how to sing and play guitar.. but it really didn't help me with singing and playing bass.

Any suggestions, obviously I am a bassist trying to learn how to sing and play at the same time. My band is a mix between Hendrix/RATM/Nirvana, if that helps any
Bass can be harder if your not just doing a steady 1/4 or 1/8 note thing.. based on the bands you just named i'm guessing your not... I'd suggest maybe write bass lines that kind of follow your vocal melody, might make it easier to do both at the same time.
i'd have thought it would be kind of similar to singing and playing guitar, since it's just about keeping your singing rhythm seperate from your playing rhythm i guess, just keep practicing.
I dont see any difference. Either way your playing one thing and singing another. Figure out where the vocal notes line up with bass notes and figure out when to play and when to sing.
I would say it could actually be more difficult. Definitely more difficult than singing whilst strumming chords - which only requires left hand percision (and not much, depending on the complexity of chords). With bass playing, your right hand has to be on the ball too - you can't simply flail it up and down because hitting more than one string at a time is liable to sound messy.

My advice would be to figure out where your vocal line and your bass line meet - go through the song playing only the bits that fall on a vocal note. This should be relatively simple (slow it right down, then build it up to full speed). Then go through the other way, playing the entire bassline, but only singing words that fall on a note you also play bass. Basically, you're just lining the two bits of music up in your head. This is how I got playing guitar and singing down - just play the chord changes and not worrying about strumming them in between. Eventually, you can build it up so you can do both.
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Yea from watching les claypool and Geddy lee they make it look so easy. alot of Claypool's bass lines dont follow his vocal lines. its amazing and inspiring.

I sing like Hetfield so my voice isnt great but isnt awful either
I find playing bass and singing easier then guitar usually.....Get the bass part down really good then slowly start adding lyrics in....You don't have to do it all at once, add a few lines every few tries...
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