Well, I'm sitting here pondering the fact that I'm late on rent this month because I HAD to have some gear, and I was wondering how many other irresponsable louts have let G.A.S. make some kind of affect on their life.

For those who don't know, G.A.S. = Gear Aquisition Syndrome
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Yes, I hate it. Right now, I'm saving for a Traynor YCV50 and an ISP Decimator...and I've only saved a seventh of the amount of money I need
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I nearly failed a wood shop class because I spent all my time making a guitar instead of the lame tissue boxes and bird feeders I was supposed to be making.
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I bought an ebow and a slide neither of which I'm good with. And a Digitech Death Metal. What the hell was I thinking?
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Ah, I went a little happy on picks, but then again I just discovered Ultex. That, and new headphones since I always seem to tear the cords out (I should probably save up for ones with replaceable cables like AKG 240s or UltraSone Pros).
i actually dont really buy much gear. i dont really spend money on anything. i could probably buy a ****load of gear it i wanted to, tho. i dont know how much i have saved up.
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I've had my eye on a Fishman Loudbox for a few months now... I might have to give in if I get a stimulus check...
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i really wanna get a fender blues deluxe amp, thats prob the next thing ill save up for

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i was just recently $1050 in the hole.

drum building. now thats pricey.
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It's affected my entire family. A whole corner of my living room is awash in guitars, basses, full stacks, PA speaker, a drum set, practice amps, and other bric-a-brac.

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Yea I put $2,000 into my electronic drum set, it's a nice kit but that's a lot of money.
and now that I'm into recording I find myself always trying to spend on studio gear and that gets costly.

Right now the only thing keeping me from spending is the fact that i hardly have any money in the bank account to spend.

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i was just recently $1050 in the hole.

drum building. now thats pricey.

yeppers. im buying an epiphone LP slash sig and a hiwatt combo. thats 2 grand taken out of the car fund...
I just threw some of my car budget on an Orange Rockerverb 50, now I am buying one about 5-6 months from now. Additionally, I am in need of a new true bypass looper, a Electro Harmonix HOG to replace my Whammy and a Line 6 FM4, considering they are one of the most awesome pedals available.
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lol yes

$450 bill for ADSL2+ installation and first two months...due precisely 26 days ago...but i just had to buy a new ****ing wah and put a head on lay-by...

i mean what the fück is wrong with me...

luckily i get paid tomorrow, and all of it is direct depositing to the Internet company

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I'm still awake right now researching amps...GAS is killing me. I have money though so that's a plus.
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Used to have it quite a lot, but now that I've got lots of money I don't seem to want anything haha.
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