I have a g9.2tt.

Can someone tell me if the follwoing is correct?

When you press the expression pedals down firmly they are supposed to toggle a button switch for effects etc.

Is this correct?

On my unit there I can see the button under each expression pedal.
However even if I press the expression pedals all the way down the it does not reach the toggle button underneath. This means I can't select the switch.
(If I reach under with my hand I can manually press the button and then the WAH effect (or whatever) is toggled.

There are two rubber feet on the underside of the pedal which cushion the pedal asgainst the unit when the pedal is fully depressed. If these rubber feet were removed it looks like the pedal would then depress a bit further and might just reach the switch?

I am fairly certain I am not supossed to remove these rubber feet as they are there to cushion the pedal - and without them the pedal plastic would touch the unit.
In any case it doesn't look that east to remove them.

So can anyone who has this unit tell me if this is just wrong on my unit?
I assume I should be able to press the pedals all the way down to click the button?
I also assume I should not remove the rubber feet under the pedal.

Just want some confirmation before I send the unit back.

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